atomic mass number

atomic mass number
atom kütle sayisi

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  • Mass number — The mass number (A), also called atomic mass number or nucleon number, is the total number of protons and neutrons (together known as nucleons) in an atomic nucleus. Because protons and neutrons both are baryons, the mass number A is identical… …   Wikipedia

  • atomic mass — n the mass of an atom usu. expressed in atomic mass units also ATOMIC WEIGHT compare MASS NUMBER * * * atomic weight; used particularly when describing a single isotope of a nuclide …   Medical dictionary

  • mass number — n an integer that approximates the mass of an isotope and that designates the number of nucleons in the nucleus <the symbol for carbon of mass number 14 is 14C or C14> compare ATOMIC MASS * * * (A) the number of nucleons (protons plus… …   Medical dictionary

  • Atomic mass — The atomic mass (ma) is the mass of an atom, most often expressed in unified atomic mass units. [GoldBookRef|file=A00496|title=atomic mass] The atomic mass may be considered to be the total mass of protons, neutrons and electrons in a single atom …   Wikipedia

  • Atomic mass unit — unified atomic mass unit Unit system: SI recognized unit Unit of... mass Symbol: u Unit conversions 1 u in... is equal to...    dalton …   Wikipedia

  • atomic mass unit — (u or amu)    the unit of mass used by chemists and physicists for measuring the masses of atoms and molecules. Early in the nineteenth century, scientists discovered that each chemical element is composed of atoms, and that each chemical… …   Dictionary of units of measurement

  • mass number — Physics. the integer nearest in value to the atomic weight of an atom and equal to the number of nucleons in the nucleus of the atom. Symbol: A [1920 25] * * * ▪ physics       in nuclear physics, the sum of the numbers of protons and neutrons… …   Universalium

  • mass number — noun the sum of the number of neutrons and protons in an atomic nucleus • Syn: ↑nucleon number • Hypernyms: ↑mass unit * * * ˈmass number 7 [mass number] noun …   Useful english dictionary

  • mass number — mass′ num ber n. phs the number of nucleons in an atomic or isotopic nucleus Symbol: A II, 8) • Etymology: 1920–25 …   From formal English to slang

  • mass number — noun The total number of protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus. See Also: atomic number, atomic weight …   Wiktionary

  • mass number — total number of protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus …   English contemporary dictionary

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